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Eben, offers you hassle-free property investment opportunities in South Africa that deliver you excellent returns on your investment. For people who want to get a foot in the property market, we offer you a one stop shop for creating your property portfolio, protecting your investment and manage your property wealth. We do offer a host of services related to property investment and web application services that really work hard to bring you peace of mind regarding your property investment.

At Eben, we continuously look around for the best investment deals and suitable locations that maximise your returns. We make sure that properties are located close to economic hubs with easy access to major highways and transport routes, places of work, schools and other amenities to ensure that there is high demand for housing in an area.

Property Investment

Our team of experts assist you in making the best strategy and decisions to building your property wealth.

Rental management

We endeavor to ease the processes of rental property.

Tax and accounting services

At Eben, we help you stay on top of accounting and compliance with tax for your property investments.


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