About Our Company

Based in Johannesburg, our highly effective professional team assists in removing and easing the daunting tasks that come along property investment and management.

From providing property investment advice, structuring and rental management, through to staying abreast with the maintenance and tax affairs of your properties – we are your all-in-one property services solution. We are available to assist with planning your investment and see you grow with it.

Why make use of Eben?

  • Specialised know-how
    Our team of experts and network is here to assist you in making only the best of decisions regards property investment. We are here for you – we are here to assist you make an informed decision
  • Personalised advice
    When it comes to property investment, there is no one size fits all approach. Each of our circumstances differ a lot. At Eben, we recognize that each plan has to be customised to your individual circumstances and goals.
  • Local knowledge
    You stand to benefit from all the experience and skill we have gained through the years in the property investment market. Our professional team is available to assist and give you pointers on various aspects.
  • Local presence
    We pride ourselves in providing well thought advice and services in local areas that we have on the ground representation and good understanding.
  • Innovation
    At Eben, we endeavour to make property investment hassle free by breaking the technical jargon and deploying technology that helps manage property more efficiently.

Property Investment

Our team of experts assist you in making the best strategy and decisions to building your property wealth

Rental management

We endeavor to ease the processes of rental property.

Tax and accounting services

At Eben, we help you stay on top of accounting and compliance with tax for your property investments.